Celebrations Around Mother Teresa’s Canonization Show A Compete Suspension Of Critical Faculties

Such propagation of blind faith, illiteracy and fundamentalism without questioning logic is what takes humanity down. When I was really young, and though even then I never believed in God, we used to celebrate Saraswati Puja as a part of our local club’s annual ritual! My father had told me that we must not use the entire surplus from the Puja to buy cricket kits etc for our club. He insisted that we must also do some good work, like donating to Mother Teresa. And like an obedient son, to get over the guilt of buying a cricket bat, half of the said surplus was donated to Missionaries of Charity. I still have that letter of thanks from Nirmal Hriday (earlier called Mother Teresa’s Kalighat Home for the Dying Destitutes). As I look back, I find probably that’s the only purpose Mother ever served. For all the Western capitalists and countries full of guilt of exploiting the rest of the world and doing precious nothing for them, she was a Western symbol of altruism – promoting whom, made them feel less guilty of their unending craving for self gratification. So all shades of moneyed people used her… And she used them in turn happily. There were billionaire frauds and scamsters who felt guiltfree donating to her; and she actually paid them back by giving character certificates to them (she actually wrote to the judge trying the ponzi king Charles Keating, in support of him). And of course, to the conservative, autocratic, Catholic church she served far more. To them, she was the unsuspecting global ambassador of fundamentalism. Behind whom they could promote more of their uneducated, evidence-less fanaticism. No wonder then, that post her global recognition, she hardly spent time in Kolkata. Despite her claims of being non political, she spent the rest of her life hobnobbing with politicians and most importantly supporting them. They included politicians of all shades, from criminals like Haitian President to dictatorial murderers like the Albanian President to global political war mongers in the name of democracy like Ronald Reagan to the radical criminals forces of Nicaraguan contras. And of course, these travel sojourns around the world were in a private jet given to her by another corrupt politician through his ill gotten moneys. The question then is, do I consider Mother an evil human being without goodness. No. That’s not true. Like the Bronze Age men who wrote all our religious books, she was probably good hearted. With her limited knowledge and blind beliefs, she did try to do very good work. But a lot of what she sure did and propagated, like what’s written in all our religious books, was harmful for mankind.

From stoning your disobedient son to death, to killing your wife for infidelity to marrying your rapist, you name an evil and I will show you a religious book with a moral guideline justifying that evil. I am sure men who propagated the Indian evil called Sati also thought they were doing good for the woman and saving her from the eyes of lecherous men post the death of her husband by burning her alive her in the same pyre. But the fact is, these are all medieval and shameful commandments of illiterates. So was the Mother, when she said poverty is a gift of God and nothing could be done about it. That was her basic premise as she insisted that she was not a social worker but a messenger of Jesus whose main aim was to spread Christianity. Apart from the fact that in today’s age and time, anyone trying to spread religion is contempt worthy and is basically trying to divide the world on the basis of the evidence-less so called stupid moral guidelines of their God, she was completely wrong with her logic about poverty. Poverty is man-made. It’s created through exploitation of the marginalized and there is a lot that people can do against it; the last thing they need to do is stupidly accept poverty as a gift of God. Poverty is created by heartless and criminal politicians and it helps them rule nations. This basic tenet of Mother was the greatest proof of her lack of education and understanding of the world, however good a human being she might have been. But it doesn’t stop there. For her, the sole aim was literally to help the poor die instead of saving them. How else could one explain the compete lack of scientific facilities in her clinic despite unbelievable amounts of donations. The best painkiller she would give to even those in unbelievable pain caused by cancer was aspirin. People were operated without anaesthesia and needles were washed in cold water and reused. The aim was somehow to convert a dying patient into Christianity and then help him die. They actually secretly baptised dying people irrespective of their religion, that was the level of her cult’s illiterate fanaticism. People who could be easily cured by nearly hospitals were not sent there; people who could be easily saved by antibiotics weren’t given that – so pathetic was her understanding of science and worth of  human lives. If something could be bought from the market, it wasn’t bought. For the only thing to be used was what came through donations. So poor were her facilities that no wonder when she fell ill, she didn’t have the courage to use her own facilities and instead went to California for her treatment. Her twisted logic and dogma had worse results. In her Nobel Prize winning speech, she hilariously said that abortions were the biggest threat to peace in the world; and she went around the world denouncing abortions due to her medieval beliefs. If such imbecile acts weren’t enough, she went against the use of condoms in Africa, while people they died of HIV/AIDS. While being honoured by an international health organization, she actually said AIDS was a retribution for improper sexual contact. That was her level of dumbed down religious dogma. While her charity got donations of upwards of an estimated 100 million dollars, her clinics remained in horrible conditions. She could have easily built many a good hospital but she preferred to spend only less than an estimated 10 percent of her funds on her work or for the poor. Instead, she offered prayers and praised Christ when any tragedy struck, for prayers are the best way of doing nothing while someone else suffers. This was most conspicuous when she offered nothing else but prayers for Bhopal gas victims. Coming back to her canonization, nothing could be more ludicrous. Two miracles and two doves?!! All that’s needed to prove your so called miraculous powers!? That’s nothing more than a joke. Her sainthood is nothing but the Catholic church returning the favor that she did to them by being the greatest ambassador of its good work, thanks to her espousing poverty and living an entire life in a white saree that became the symbol of Christian altruism and Third World poverty.

The fact is, miracles never happen. All so called miraculous powers are some kind of fraud. When there are thousands who fall ill, some who seem incurable get cured. That’s not a miracle. That’s how the human body works. Attributing that to someone’s miraculous powers is outright stupid. And the same happened to the woman who said she had brain tumours and Mother cured her. The fact is that the woman got cured as her tumors must have been temporary and curable. And the other miracle attributed to Mother is the most delusionary. The woman most likely never had cancer in the first place and the church refused to investigate all that because the story suited their interests. All stories of her seeing light from the Mother’s picture are bound to be pure delusions of an affected mind.

What’s a miracle? You know friends, next time someone claims to have miraculous powers, ask them to make a severed hand or leg grow back. That’s a miracle. That never happens. That can never happen. Because that’s science. We don’t see faith healers in hospitals. Else we wouldn’t need science and doctors. And that’s why it’s brainless stupidity to celebrate Mother’s miracles and her sainthood. I wish media, journalists, and the common man would use their brains more than get fooled by blind beliefs without questioning the rationale. While celebrating all the good she did, the media must tell people that there aren’t any saints on this planet. Yes, there are a few great human beings. And Mother could be considered one of them. But we must question, how is anyone qualified to make someone a Saint? And mislead the masses. The irony and injustice of it all is, you are exalted to a higher echelon only if you had miraculous powers, not because you strove your life for the poor and the needy. Tragic indeed.

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