25 years from now, poverty should be in museums

What is the Great Indian Dream about?

Indians seem lo be losing faith in our great nation and unfortunately in India we know more about the great American dream more than anything else. The Great Indian Dream is an attempt to show the common man that, given a political will, India can also catch up with the US and the west In a short span of time.

Is the book about patriotism?
Yes. When the economy doesn't give you enough scope to grow, it's logical for even the most patriotic Indian to look for jobs In the US. So It's not so much about Individual-level patriotism. It Is about patriotism at a macro, govern mental level

Why do you call your book "a must for every Indian?"
Every Indian needs to analyse the problems we face. We must believe that change is possible and need to know how to achieve It. We also need to realise that In the economics of countries like India there Is only one logic: Does the 00110' benefit tin- poorest of the poor? And that removing poverty Is not socialism but the basic tenet of human existence Can you sum up the book In a few words?
It's about making India a developed nation where people live w ith dignity In 25 years, children should be taken to poverty museums like they are tnken to science museums. They should shiver at the sight of the way people used to live today because poverty should be a concept alien to them.

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