Iran is crucial for the oil pipelines to India and china: that’s precisely why bush will try his best to bomb it

The war on terror was never on terror. With every passing day come more revelations, humiliating and embarrassing, on how the entire concept of weapons of mass destruction was manufactured to suit US President George W. Bush’s plans to capture the Iraqi oil fields . . . and now as the US-dictated dummy government runs Iraq, and almost all oil and infrastructure building contracts are pocketed by American companies (Bush and Dick Cheney it seems had started deciding on the companies like Bechtel, Flour Daniel etc. for awarding of the contracts even before they started the war on Iraq) . . . the result is quiet evident . . . oil prices at one time all set to touch the $100 per barrel mark are now hovering around the half way mark. And Americans are happily guzzling oil in their heavy duty SUV’s . . . after the destruction of the twin towers instead of finding out the al-Qaeda terrorists, Bush started focussing on all those who, according to him, were evil including the Saddam Hussein-led Iraq, the enemies of his ally number one Israel- Lebanon and the Hamas in Gaza and now finally he has started focusing on Iran . . .

The Bush administration has already started its propaganda machinery trying to convince the world as to how Iran is the most evil . . . they are trying to play on the Shia-Sunni sentiment to win some support in the Middle-east too by talking of an alliance with the Sunnis against the Shiite-led Iran. Unfortunately, a large poll of about 4,000 people conducted across the Arab world done by Zogby International clearly reveals that close to 80% Arabs find the US and Israel a much bigger threat than Iran.

Only six percent cited Iran, but obviously! The US is now trying to blame Iran for the blasts in Iraq and their failure to bring peace in Iraq. Also, another thing that they are feeling uncomfortable about is Iran’s new found and growing friendship with the socialist led leaders of Latin America, specially with Hugo Chavez. All these formal reasons and attempts to turn the world against Iran apart, there are more reasons for Bush’s growing inclinations for a war against Iran.

It is a fact that the Iranian oil apart, there is a large volume of oil, estimated at 500 years of reserve, that experts believe lie under the southern part of Caspian Sea that Iran largely occupies (the northern part is under Russian control and therefore totally inaccessible to the US) . . . it is also a fact that India and China together will be the largest consumers of energy and oil in the years ahead. And the future supply of oil to these two countries from Iran is the biggest barrier. Pakistan is already run by an American stooge government and the earlier war for oil pipelines in Afghanistan saw to it that Afghanistan is also under their total control (as far as taking the pipelines are concerned) . . . so it’s Iran that is left in the crucial game of oil pipelines for an easy flow of oil to India and China. The war on Iran therefore is a must keeping in mind the ‘real evil and oil led war instincts’ of Bush. The question is will he have the European Union’s support this time too? The bigger question is will Russia and China still play the role of shameless mute spectators? And the most important question is will the claimant over sole proprietary rights over democracy, the US, again become a dictatorship of the evil, by the evil and for the evil ???

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